Ashleys Yoga Resources

The resource pages will give a range of recommended reading for teachers and students.

Yoga, body mechanics and anatomy

This page contains recommended reading on:

  • Hatha Yoga (from a range of different teachers, selected for their expertise and individual contribution to Hatha Yoga)
  • Body Mechanics (a range of authors who have a contribution to our understanding of human movement, dysfunction and rehabilitation.
  • References on Anatomy to help teachers and students visualize and understand muscles, joints and fascia of the human body.

Self development and personal growth

We all need different personal development and growth strategies.

The books in this section show how people have overcome hardship, poverty and personal loss and demonstrate how we to may develop a personal philosophy.


This section includes books which do not fit into the categories covered above, with a range of recommended references including free articles with links to useful web sites that I feel everyone should access.

Please note that all books, audio visuals and internet links are resources that the author of this site has found useful, some or all of which you may also find helpful in facilitating the development of your own personal philosophy.

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